Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What does the world think of us?

I was reading another blog and found a short entry stating that women of color in other countries believe that African-American women have naturally straight/wavy hair. T shook my head and thought no one could believe that. I began to read the comments and woman after woman from abroad supported the blog. I was taken aback then thought about what they said. The mainstream images of women of color that are sent to the world from America are of relaxed women with weaves.The commentary expressed their desire as children to have "American" hair. Their mothers told them Americans just had hair like that. One even said all American women of color had a white person somewhere in their family and that accounted for their hair texture. I read Americans had stronger hair so relaxers left it beautiful long and shiny. I was filled with horror! I lament everyday that little black girls have to endure the "white beauty myth" in America. How do you combat it when the images are all black? How does a young girl abroad not feel less when she actually thinks that is their hair?

American Hair ( a lace front wig )


Miss Fizzy said...

Hello Monicajoi. I think I know the post you are talking about. It was on BGLH and was sparked by a comment I made about natural hair not being the norm in Nigeria...?

How do I go about getting permission to use the picture on this blog? (the black girl with the white mask)

Monica said...

I found it on a google image search. It came from psychology today.

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