Monday, May 25, 2009

Length check and trim

I had my hair blown out and trimmed. Here is the picture if anyone was curious about the length of my hair straight.

Product Junkies time to cash in!!

We're sponsoring a NEW contest.

The prizes will be a Product Junkie T-shirt and a 4 oz. jar of Lil Better Butter.

"HELLO, My name is Product Junkie"
Colors vary see Knaps Store for choices

1) Must be a YouTube Subscriber to monicajoi's channel.
2) Must provide mailing information to receive prize.
3) Create a video revealing/demonstrating your product junkie-ism.
4) Please include pictures of products and a count of the number of products and an estimated dollar amount spent.
5) No time limit, you can begin with your transition and go to the present, use any product you ever put on your head.
6) Be creative and fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Natural Hair Questions from ramonica3

Questions Number One:
How do I stretch my natural hair?

I tried to list the top three safest, tried and true methods.

1) Always start with wet, moisturized hair.
2) Use firm but not tight tension with all methods.


3)Separate hair into sections and detangle
4)Use multiple ponytail holders/rubber bands along the length of the hair at regular intervals to stretch hair, leave air banded until completely dry ( air of heat).

Braid-out/Twist-out/Bantu Knot-out
(some people prefer to twist and braid dry hair because they feel they see more length)
3)Separate hair into sections and detangle
4) make the desired size braid, knot or two or three strand twist
5) Let hair dry
completely. (I usually wear the braids, knots or twists a day or two.)

Blow Drying
*gasps* (Yes, some people still use heat .)
3)Separate hair into sections and detangle
4a) use a diffuser and hold out your curls as you blow them dry.
4b) use a WIDE comb attachment and blow out each section.

Question Number Two:
How do I know my hair type?

I can't say any better than they do on Naturally Curly so:
Hair Typing
Also a specific comparison of types 3c,4a and 4b hair: here.

Comment if this was helpful

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CHI 44 Iron Guard - for those who flat iron

Hello - it's straight-haired half of Knaps! 2 weeks ago I discovered that the CHI 44 Iron Guard is the best heat protectant I have ever used.

Retail Price:$14.99 - $17.99
Marshall's/TJ Maxx Price: $7.99!

Last week I bought the Chi 44 Iron Guard because it was on sale at Marshalls and I could return it if it didn't like it. I have been happy with all my other CHI products so far. The directions saying "spray on dry hair" is what made me want to try it. Most heat protectant sprays say to use damp hair.

Well .... my hair has come out BEAUTIFUL for the last 2 weeks straight! I used to have to hit my edges with the pressing iron... nope.. not after using this. I'm a girl who sweats easily and Ican say hands down that this DEFINITELY helped with my hair reverting.

I just wanted to share because I hadn't seen a lot of review of this but i was completely taken by surprise.

Rating: Five Knaps out of Five