Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Products Review - Itiba beauty products

I am now a product reviewer for Naptural Roots magazine!

The first products I am reviewing are Itiba lotion, body soap and hair and body oil. The first product is the lotion I had both Carib Lime and Papaya scents. The lotion is smooth, rich and thorughly infused with scent. I loved it on my skin. The scent is strong initially but mellowed without fading away totally.

This product retails for $7.00 for an 4 oz bottle and $14 for an 8 oz bottle. It comes in four other scents. I think this is a reasonable price for the value.

Next, Hair and Body oil in Midnight Rain scent. I was suprised at how light this oil felt. It left no greasy residue and felt so wonderful on my skin that I was excited about using it on my hair and scalp. The scent was like the lotion in that it was completly infused and strong but faded to and acceptable level after a short time on the skin.

Last, the body soap in Crucian Spice. The soap produced a rich foamy lather, it was not drying and had the same perfect level of scent as the previous two products.

The soap is made with palm, rice bran, castor, and coconut oils along with shea butter. It comes in six scents. I even used it on my face. The body soap retails for $5.00 for a 5 oz bar.