Wednesday, July 10, 2013

KiddieWraps Review

Lil KnapsGirl ready for bed.

I purchased a KiddieWrap and have no association with the manufacturer or maker.

Product: KiddieWraps Satin Hair wrap (Blue Island Flower)

Size: One size fits most (adult & child)

 Claims: KiddieWraps satin hair wraps can make every hair combing session a pleasant one by making your child's hair more manageable to comb. Our satin hair wraps stays on all night to prevent tangles, split ends and unwanted knots.

Price: $5.99 + $5 shipping
I used the KiddieWrap on loose hair and a cornrow style. LKG's hair was noticeably less dry and tangled when her hair was loose. This is her first foray into head wraps and she is a wild sleeper and was able to "twirl" it off just before dawn the first night. The second night it was backwards when she awoke but still on her head. 

By the time I braided her hair she was used to it and even let me put in on for naps. Her cornrows are not a week old yet and are fairing pretty well.

 Day 2
Day  3

The idea is that a satin bonnet is hidden beneath an attached decorative bandanna  This is proposed to be in case you MUST go out in public. The bandanna serves dual purposes to camouflage the fact hat you are in public in a protective sleep wrap and to help it stay in place while the child sleeps. I really liked the thought and hence my order. My only complaint is that when the wrap arrived it appeared to be assembled incorrectly. The smooth side of the cap was facing out toward the bandanna, not at her hair. I don't know if this was a mistake or intentional but I thought the "slicker" side was to face the hair. In spite of this, the "rough" side of a satin cap is better than dry cotton sheets and pillow cases. Overall, this is a good product for wild sleepers and children, I don't find the cost a deterrent because at this point I've realized you get what you pay for on the protective sleep wrap front. 

What I Learned: Buying multiple cheap sleep bonnets just doesn't make sense if you really use them regularly, spend the money so you can wash it without worry.