Sunday, December 25, 2016

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kinky-Curly Clip-Ins: Good or Bad ?

I risk sounding like a Natural Nazi but I feel conflicted about natural-looking weaves and clip-ins. to be fair, I am also conflicted on weave in general, I have NO problem with protective styling, versatility or hair as a flexible accessory, however I cringe when I think of those who do not understand how to properly care for their hair. The people who still believe that their hair does not grow.

In one instance, clip-ins and weaves are fun, a way to experiment with color or length. Hair is the ultimate accessory, changing it to match an outfit, occasion or mood is wonderful. your hair can be the utmost form of individual expression.

But in another instance, the additional hair can be an expression of insecurity. I fear people add the hair to cover their perceived flaws saying to themselves, "My hair can't/won't grow. I will add this hair to cover/fix it.". I fear they are natural but haven't made a transition. They haven't learned to embrace or care for their hair, the hair just isn't processed any longer.

What do you think?