Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's Hair - African Hair Threading (updated)

Style two weeks old in this photo

Style: African Threading (Ghana Plaits)

Time to Complete: 2hrs with breaks and first try

Products Used: Water, AvoCoco moisturizer

Tools Used: Rat tail comb, Denman Brush, Soft bristle brush, Spray bottle, spool of weave thread, scissors

Reason for style: I spent the holiday weekend enjoying videos from Girls Love Your Curls on YouTube. I was so inspired that I decided to thread my hair.

Lessons Learned: You must part Ghana plaits. I tried to do the first few like I do two strand twist with "same size" pinch parts. This will not work, treat the part as if you are making box braids.
Back view - African Hair Threading


I  added some flat twists on the side.

There is special thread for hair it looks like this:

While researching online I found this classic article from Ebony Jr here.

So far I love them and they threaten to last longer than two strand twists. I would really like to do more sculptural style once I get better/faster.