Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's Hair - African Hair Threading (updated)

Style two weeks old in this photo

Style: African Threading (Ghana Plaits)

Time to Complete: 2hrs with breaks and first try

Products Used: Water, AvoCoco moisturizer

Tools Used: Rat tail comb, Denman Brush, Soft bristle brush, Spray bottle, spool of weave thread, scissors

Reason for style: I spent the holiday weekend enjoying videos from Girls Love Your Curls on YouTube. I was so inspired that I decided to thread my hair.

Lessons Learned: You must part Ghana plaits. I tried to do the first few like I do two strand twist with "same size" pinch parts. This will not work, treat the part as if you are making box braids.
Back view - African Hair Threading


I  added some flat twists on the side.

There is special thread for hair it looks like this:

While researching online I found this classic article from Ebony Jr here.

So far I love them and they threaten to last longer than two strand twists. I would really like to do more sculptural style once I get better/faster.


MsTrece' said...

this is cute. can you do a video or tutorial on how you did this method?

Knaps said...

I will try to do that this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Knapps,

Nicely done !

I’ve done the African corkscrew threading hairstyle twice this year (picture is on my blog), and each time I had it in for 3 weeks.

I’d recommend threading, it’s the best protective style that I have ever done as my strands were locked in.

On take-down days, my hair was smooth, and I could even still smell the leave-in conditioner that I’d applied before my hair was threaded. It’s important that the hair is well moisturized and oiled prior to being wrapped in thread, it’s almost like marinating chicken in spices and then covering in foil paper :-)

Super easy to manage too, all I did spritz with a water and glycerin mix.

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