Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 things I am not doing to my Lil KnapsGirl...

Camera Boost photo
I've been noticably absent from the blog getting used to being a mother. My daughter is now six months old, she was born with a full head of hair. I take care of her hair but I don't:
-try to type her hair
It's not long enough to really style. The moisturizer I use works so there is no need.

-try to "really" style her hair
If she has on a headband or a barrette she's fine, she's a baby.

-compare her hair to anyone else's
Not even mine, she is an individual and her hair is individual too.

-try to maintain/prolong her baby texture
It is what it is, it will be what it will be.

-get overly excited everytime someone compliments me on the length of her hair
She can pick up on that and I don't want her learning that hair length is important before she can walk, talk, read or count.
Camera Boost photo
Her hair is styled with a spritz made from water, Coils by Nature Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner and coconut oil.

"Crazy, wild and wacky hair"

Lalaloopsy has crazy, wild and wacky hair that you can bend any way you want!

I recently saw a television commercial for a doll with bendable hair. My first thought was, "This will be great for little natural hair girls". I continued watching as her hair was made into tight curls and big waves standing in a halo away from her head. My heart swelled as I imagined my lil knapsgirl playing with one in the future, then I heard the voice-over, "crazy, wild and wacky hair".

"...lots of silly styles."
I'm immediately tired. The constant microaggresions against textured hair even extend to dolls. I shouldn't be surprised our society takes every opportunity to let children of color know they aren't "normal". The message was clear to me people with hair that can stand out from their head, hair that is tightly curled is "crazy, wild and wacky hair".

I just thought their hair was cute and curly.