Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas- It's contest time!

We are kicking off the holiday season with a contest! 
Use all your styling technique and talent to make yourself (or your little KnapsGirl) look like our KnapsGirls. Submit a photo of the style and we will judge who looks most like our little logos and award a tote bag filled with products from the Design Essentials Naturals line. The tote contains:Natural Curl Cleanser, Natural Moisturizing Conditioner, Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Natural Defining Creme Gel and Natural Curl Stretching Cream  The prize package is worth over $50. :D

Here is a sample entry:
After filling out information below, Johnetta Doe sends the photo below in an attempt to look like Curly Pudding KnapsGirl.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hair Rules Review & Update

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lacefront wigs on children

Derby City Naturals said it all in her blog. I will only add that in viewing the posters response video she compares images of children playing with, switching and modeling wigs to what she did in the initial video.

There is a vast difference between children playing with wigs and applying a lacefront wig to your child and telling her how beautiful she looks.

The mother seems to be a very talented wig designer/stylist I just think she doesn't realize the impact of her actions.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Afro Wigs Offensive?

Halloween is approaching and I've been reading many blog post on racist Halloween costumes. Some costumes are obvious in their offensiveness: All "sexy" professions (because women can't just be professionals), caricatures of traditional costumes of ethnic groups (Native Americans, Asians) but are afro wigs as part of Halloween costumes offensive?

Before I wrote this post, I googled afro wig and was surprised that ANY curly wig is referred to as an afro. The wigs were red, pink and blue, isn't that just a curly wig or even a novelty wig. I don't think these have any relation to my hair or hair texture.

My next problem is how they are advertised:

What's with the silly faces? Is this a hair style that is inherently comedic?

And last but not least, why would a colorless person NEED an afro wig for a costume? If they are invoking the 1970's they can just do straight hairstyles from that era. If they are portraying a person of color isn't wearing and afro wig just as bad as blackface?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Product Junkie art on Etsy

I love it when the artists on Etsy go with their hearts I found these adorable keychain/cell phone charms at LadyInTheWoods .

Shea Lover

Eco Styler User

Product Junkie

How cute are these!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fro Fashion Week -Fall 2011 Recap video

See if you can spot me. I appear three times. :D

It looks like just as much fun as it was!

Video courtesy of Thirsty Roots

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fro Fashion Week -Fall 2011

Fro Fashion Week Fall 2011 was a whirlwind of excitement and education. The event was beautifully planned and executed by Tarin Boone its creator.

Tarin Boone

The weekend events started off Friday evening with cocktail party featuring live performances, a DJ, a buffet and product samples. Saturday morning there was a Zumba fitness class for all, an invitational brunch for bloggers and product representatives. I was honored to be seated next to the celebrity guest of honor Kim Coles during brunch. :D She was gracious and personable.

Kim Coles posing with Nappy Rutz earrings

The day continued with workshops I attended Thirsty Roots module that helped women find natural hair resources online, Virtuous Styls module, looking fabulous on a budget. It was wonderful. Kim Coles was featured in her own module on Saturday.

Throughout the day the various vendors are available to all attendees including Nappy Rutz, Bee Mine, Pura Body Naturals, Koils by Nature, Bags that Beckon and many more.

Saturday evening there was THE Fro Fashion Week Fashion Show.

Sunday the educational modules continued until the Pool Party finale. The pool was beautiful and had lovely cabanas, a buffet, a bar, a DJ, product demonstrations, samples and give-a-ways sponsored by Kinky-Curly.

Pool Party Finale

All images are courtesy of Tara Harp

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homemade Natural Hair Barbie

I was amazed by by the beautiful custom Barbie dolls created by Tabloach. The dolls had braids, locs, BAAs and TWAs. I found a tutorial on how to afro-lize my Barbie.

Here she is as she arrived:


And here she is after her new texture and styling:


You can find the tutorial here.

What do you think? :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Digital Guestlist loves natural hair.

Joey Digital, founder of Digital Guestlist

Atlanta, GA is the home of the Atlanta Classic collegiate football game. This game is between Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and Southern University and as with most collegiate event it spawns a variety of social event and parties leading up to and following the game. Joey Digital the founder of Digital Guestlist has decided that he will show his "utter disdain for weave and love for natural hair" by giving all the natural ladies a discount. He also extends this discount FAMU to homecoming activities.

All women with natural hair simply have to do is use the code “natural” when purchasing tickets using the links below:

He even has an anti-weave page where he list natural hair resources.

Thoughts ladies?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Design Essentials Media Meet-Up

LeeAnn of Napptural Roots, Cornell McBride Sr, center right Cornell McBride Jr.

After the World Natural Hair Show 2011, Design Essentials Naturals invited myself, Swarthy Daisy, Mhe magazine, Napptural Roots magazine and others to small reception.

After a light meal, we were all permitted to interview Cornell McBride Sr. and Cornell McBride Jr. The McBrides are the owners of Design Essentials. Mr. McBride Sr. was the original creator of Stay-Soft Fro, following the success of that product he and a partner formed M&M Products company. Mr. McBride sold M&M products in 1990 to focus on products designed for professionals and founded Design Essentials.

Mr. McBride Jr. now heads the company. Mr. McBride Jr. stated that the Naturals line is targeted at the consumer who wants to maintain the hair themselves with salon quality products. Both the Design Essentials and Design Essentials Naturals products can be purchased in salons and online directly from the company.
Cornell McBride Jr.

Excellent workshop presenters from D.S.S Salon in Duluth, GA

Monday, September 12, 2011

World Natural Hair Show 2011-Fall

I attended the World Natural Hair Show 2011 this past Saturday. This year is the fist year the show has been offered in both the fall and the spring. Traditionally, the event occured in April each year. The show has grown almost exponentially this past April the venue was filled to capacity. I personally watched as the number of people exiting and entering was closely counted because they had reached the fire marshall's limit.

The fall show was far less crowded than spring. There were fewer vendors and some large companies were notably absent. I found this pleasant. There was more room for people to navigate the venue, many local and smaller companies were featured and for the first time I was able to attend the complimentary workshops. In the past, it took so long to navigate the venue ans see all the vendors I routinely forgot to attend scheduled workshops. The smaller crowd allowed me to see everything and experience things that I wasn't able to in the past due to the size of the crowds.

Hand-On interaction in the Design Esssentials Area

I was very impressed with Design Essentials, Jamaican Mango and Lime, Jane Carter Solution and of course Taliah Waajid's Black Earth. These companies have historically offered great show prices and quality products. Shea Moisture was also there.

Thermal Silkening workshop

Design Essentials recently launched their Naturals line, see my review here. I attended both of their sponsored workshops: Thermal Silkening and Natural Styling. The presenters were personable, knowledgeable and encouraged crowd interaction. I learned tips and tricks for styling, deep conditioning and thermal straightening. Following the show, I was invited to a media event sponsored by Design Essentials Naturals.
Natural styling workshop crowd interaction

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Essentials Naturals Review

The fine people at Design Essentials gave me their Natural line of products to try. I used them exclusively for a month as asked so I could provide a true review. I was also given an instruction booklet that had style instructions.

Natural Curl Cleanser (8 oz bottle)
This is a rich sulfate free shampoo. I liked the fruity scent, it cleaned my hair. I wasn't overly impressed however, I can say all steps following shampooing went well. I take the success later in styling as proof that the shampoo did not strip, un-balance the ph or other wise detrimentally effect my hair.

Natural Moisturizing Conditioner (8 oz bottle)
I really liked this product. It is very thick, rich and moisturizing, it smells fruity like the shampoo. I used it following shampoo twice and once ( thinned with water) to co-wash. My only suggestion is that the packaging be changed because the conditioner is so thick that squeezing it from the small opening is a little challenging. Following the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was soft, moisturized and smelling sweet.

Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion (8oz bottle)
At first touch I was surprised, I thought I had grabbed the wrong product. The Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a little viscous (slimy), the scent matches that of the rest of the line. This product works great. My hair felt moisturized, it had a beautiful shine and the thing I like best was it seems engineered to help create second day hair. If you re-wet your hair after using it thoroughly it becomes very soft and pliable again without losing any moisture.

Natural Defining Crème Gel (16 oz jar)
This is exactly what it says a cream gel. I used it in conjunction with the Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion as directed. I shingled my hair it dried with good curl definition and no dryness. I was able to wear the style easily for a week. I misted my hair with water and shook it to refresh the stye daily. I think this is a great wash-no-go product but I very seldom wear wash-n-go's.

Wash-n-Go with Defining Crème Gel- day 2 or 3

Natural Curl Stretching Cream (16 oz jar)
This is a very rich moisturizing cream with the same light fruity scent as the others. I accidentally used it instead if the Natural Defining Crème Gel for a wash-n-go. This was not the recommended product for curl definition but I got compliments. I shingled it in my hair following the Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Wash-n-Go with Curl Stretching Cream

The second time I used the Curl Stretching Cream as directed for a set of two strand twists. I added the cream to each section as I twisted and kept my hair wet with a spray bottle. I attended a family gathering where I was again complimented on the shine and softness of my twists. I am still wearing the twists but all signs point to a beautiful twist-out.

Twists with Curls Stretching Cream

My overall impression is a good one. I would definitely purchase the Moisturizing Lotion, Defining Gel and Stretching Cream.

I give the whole line 4 of 5 Knaps. I deduct one Knap for cost (because I'm cheap).
The products are on sale until the end of the month on their website here. All products and either the Defining Gel for $51 (package pictured above) OR Stretching Cream for $52.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pampered Nail & Body Spa

GoodGirlPR and HAUTE hosted a three city beauty Tweet-Up. The Atlanta host for the event was Pampered Nail and Body Spa. The beautiful salon/spa is located in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood. The spa features: massages, facials, threading, waxing, manicures/pedicures and hair services (for natural hair)

The staff was friendly, professional and courteous. My companion, Leah (Naturally Fierce founder) enjoyed wine during her manicure.

Pedicure area

Waiting Area

My pedicure

My pedicure and Leah's pedicure

We both had pedicures and very much enjoyed the experience. I would recommended this lovely and reasonably priced spa to anyone and look forward to returning for any of their services. Each lady left the event with a gift bag that included samples from Pooks Pure and Simple, The Queen Collection and a gift certificate for a pole dancing class.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Qhemet Biologics Summer Sale

Qhemet Biologics



DISCOUNT: 20% OFF orders over 27.00 (subtotal) + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders over 70.00 (subtotal).
SPAN: The sale will last as long as supplies last so place your orders early!
We are currently closed to prepare for the sale. All products appear as out of stock until we reopen at noon on 8/26.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair Models Wanted for World Natural Hair Show


We are looking for women and men between the ages 18 and up who want to go natural to participate in the First annual Big Chop or Not.

We will help you on your journey to

healthy, natural hair.

Here is how we can do it:
The Big Chop Is for those that have a relaxer and want to cut it off down to the length of your new growth. We will have a professional stylist cut the relaxed hair off and style your new head of natural, healthy hair. You will also receive a free consultation from a Taliah Wajid Styling Team Professional along with a complete package of Taliah Waajid Natural Hair care products.

What better way to go natural?

Or Not is for those that want to go natural but do not want to cut their hair. We will have a professional stylist perform just the right style for you to transition into natural without cutting your hair. You will also receive a free consultation to help you through your journey of healthy natural hair. You will also receive a package of the NEW Jamaican Mango & Lime Transition Natural No More Relaxer.

In addition, we are looking for hair product models for the Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products

booth. Requirements: You must have natural hair that is chemical free. You will get a free

hairstyle by one of the Taliah Waajid top platform artists, as well as the latest line of

Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care products.

WHEN: Sunday, August 21, 2011
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

WHERE: Courtyard Marriott Atlanta Airport South
2050 Sullivan Road
College Park, GA 30337

For more information, please contact Ayo at or 678-760-5303.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Miss Happy Headed

How wonderful is this! A pageant for little natural girls.
Information on entry and sponsorship can be found here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nekesa's Natural Hair Loft

Nekesa styling my hair

I was honored to have Nekesa Smith, master stylist of Nekesa's Natural Hair Loft use me as a hair model. She is an experienced stylist with a beautiful shop in College Park, Ga. The shop offers a range of services including fitness classes and parties. Nekesa enjoys educating her clients about their hair and haircare and also has line of hair products, Natural Radiance.

My hair was lightly blown out the Natural Radiance Hair Nourisher was applied and then as each section was twisted the Moisture Mousse was applied. Medium to large two strand twists were left in for a day and then styled before the audience. The Moisture Mousse was amazing, it had a nice hold but not hard and is completely alcohol free.

Before & After

Each model showed their starting style and each style was then transformed before the audience.The ladies of Naturally Fierce-ATL were featured as models. Guests were treated to a hors d'ouveres buffet, several local vendors were in attendance thanks to People Unite and free hair consultations were available.

left: Tiffany, Leah and their stylist Theron right: Natalie, Lolita and their stylist Ianthy

Guest receiving consultations

Nekesa and Tifany of People Unite