Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lacefront wigs on children

Derby City Naturals said it all in her blog. I will only add that in viewing the posters response video she compares images of children playing with, switching and modeling wigs to what she did in the initial video.

There is a vast difference between children playing with wigs and applying a lacefront wig to your child and telling her how beautiful she looks.

The mother seems to be a very talented wig designer/stylist I just think she doesn't realize the impact of her actions.


Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

I think STUPID! prepping that baby for the wrong life.

Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

Hot ass mess . Children most learn to accept what god gave them as they mature into women if they wanna enhance there beauty then they have that choice. Lil babies wit weave it going to far in my opinion

Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

absolutely NOT God gave you your hair for a reason, why should my child have to wear a wig to settle someone else's problem

Knaps said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

that is a damn shame

Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

I don't think it should be done for vain reasons. But there are unfortunately some little girls that need this service.

Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

This was very disturbing, she is obviously skilled and talented but to subject her children to public scrutiny just to display her talents is really sad. Could she not find adults to model this styles?

Anonymous said...

From FB:responding to What do you think?

absolutely not. Im natural so my kids, all girls, r goin natural too. If i wudnt do it to me then i def wnt do it ti my kids

~L said...

This is sad. CHildren should learn to love what they have, and also wear styles that are age appropriate.

Sandra said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I think its a wonderful idea to have wigs for kids. Too many children get teased because of their hair. Sadly, the school world now a days do revolve around fashion and hair. We have had so many tragedies in our U.S.A school systems because of children having low self esteem that I truly believe if this is what a child wants to boost their confidence than go right ahead. It's no difference on having the hottest jewelry or shoes that's not busted. If you don't like it than fine. Don't let your child have it. But are these people really putting it down for the better sake of our children or because they cant afford it or the up and don't want THEIR child to be without because they cant keep up with the joneses. But all in reality, Kids where wigs and weave on tv, magazines, runway and we so quick to say how cute they all look.

Paris said...

I love this lovely wig!!

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