Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Product Diet ends

I had promised my self that I would not purchase another product until I used what I had. I have/had a LOT of products!

I have gone back on that promise by purchasing a CurlKit. I rationalize that it is research for my product relaunch so I can be included in a future CurlKit but the truth is I was excited to see the pink box and all the product within. I think that companies like this (CurlKit, CurlBox) are a great way for the newly natural to try a variety of products full and sample sized without spending a great deal of money. The kit is $20 and mine contained 3 full sized samples, 3 small bottle samples and 3 XXL ketchup packet samples.

I look forward to playing with all my new product and keeping my money in my pocket.

I do plan to also patronize CurlBox also :)

My unboxing video:

CurlKit Site: