Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lacefront wigs on children

Derby City Naturals said it all in her blog. I will only add that in viewing the posters response video she compares images of children playing with, switching and modeling wigs to what she did in the initial video.

There is a vast difference between children playing with wigs and applying a lacefront wig to your child and telling her how beautiful she looks.

The mother seems to be a very talented wig designer/stylist I just think she doesn't realize the impact of her actions.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Afro Wigs Offensive?

Halloween is approaching and I've been reading many blog post on racist Halloween costumes. Some costumes are obvious in their offensiveness: All "sexy" professions (because women can't just be professionals), caricatures of traditional costumes of ethnic groups (Native Americans, Asians) but are afro wigs as part of Halloween costumes offensive?

Before I wrote this post, I googled afro wig and was surprised that ANY curly wig is referred to as an afro. The wigs were red, pink and blue, isn't that just a curly wig or even a novelty wig. I don't think these have any relation to my hair or hair texture.

My next problem is how they are advertised:

What's with the silly faces? Is this a hair style that is inherently comedic?

And last but not least, why would a colorless person NEED an afro wig for a costume? If they are invoking the 1970's they can just do straight hairstyles from that era. If they are portraying a person of color isn't wearing and afro wig just as bad as blackface?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Product Junkie art on Etsy

I love it when the artists on Etsy go with their hearts I found these adorable keychain/cell phone charms at LadyInTheWoods .

Shea Lover

Eco Styler User

Product Junkie

How cute are these!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fro Fashion Week -Fall 2011 Recap video

See if you can spot me. I appear three times. :D

It looks like just as much fun as it was!

Video courtesy of Thirsty Roots