Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Design Essentials Media Meet-Up

LeeAnn of Napptural Roots, Cornell McBride Sr, center right Cornell McBride Jr.

After the World Natural Hair Show 2011, Design Essentials Naturals invited myself, Swarthy Daisy, Mhe magazine, Napptural Roots magazine and others to small reception.

After a light meal, we were all permitted to interview Cornell McBride Sr. and Cornell McBride Jr. The McBrides are the owners of Design Essentials. Mr. McBride Sr. was the original creator of Stay-Soft Fro, following the success of that product he and a partner formed M&M Products company. Mr. McBride sold M&M products in 1990 to focus on products designed for professionals and founded Design Essentials.

Mr. McBride Jr. now heads the company. Mr. McBride Jr. stated that the Naturals line is targeted at the consumer who wants to maintain the hair themselves with salon quality products. Both the Design Essentials and Design Essentials Naturals products can be purchased in salons and online directly from the company.
Cornell McBride Jr.

Excellent workshop presenters from D.S.S Salon in Duluth, GA


Unknown said...

Very nice post. I always love reading up on what the Industry Leaders are planning as it relates to the Natural Hair Business Community. Thanks for sharing ;-)

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