Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Essentials Naturals Review

The fine people at Design Essentials gave me their Natural line of products to try. I used them exclusively for a month as asked so I could provide a true review. I was also given an instruction booklet that had style instructions.

Natural Curl Cleanser (8 oz bottle)
This is a rich sulfate free shampoo. I liked the fruity scent, it cleaned my hair. I wasn't overly impressed however, I can say all steps following shampooing went well. I take the success later in styling as proof that the shampoo did not strip, un-balance the ph or other wise detrimentally effect my hair.

Natural Moisturizing Conditioner (8 oz bottle)
I really liked this product. It is very thick, rich and moisturizing, it smells fruity like the shampoo. I used it following shampoo twice and once ( thinned with water) to co-wash. My only suggestion is that the packaging be changed because the conditioner is so thick that squeezing it from the small opening is a little challenging. Following the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was soft, moisturized and smelling sweet.

Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion (8oz bottle)
At first touch I was surprised, I thought I had grabbed the wrong product. The Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a little viscous (slimy), the scent matches that of the rest of the line. This product works great. My hair felt moisturized, it had a beautiful shine and the thing I like best was it seems engineered to help create second day hair. If you re-wet your hair after using it thoroughly it becomes very soft and pliable again without losing any moisture.

Natural Defining Crème Gel (16 oz jar)
This is exactly what it says a cream gel. I used it in conjunction with the Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion as directed. I shingled my hair it dried with good curl definition and no dryness. I was able to wear the style easily for a week. I misted my hair with water and shook it to refresh the stye daily. I think this is a great wash-no-go product but I very seldom wear wash-n-go's.

Wash-n-Go with Defining Crème Gel- day 2 or 3

Natural Curl Stretching Cream (16 oz jar)
This is a very rich moisturizing cream with the same light fruity scent as the others. I accidentally used it instead if the Natural Defining Crème Gel for a wash-n-go. This was not the recommended product for curl definition but I got compliments. I shingled it in my hair following the Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Wash-n-Go with Curl Stretching Cream

The second time I used the Curl Stretching Cream as directed for a set of two strand twists. I added the cream to each section as I twisted and kept my hair wet with a spray bottle. I attended a family gathering where I was again complimented on the shine and softness of my twists. I am still wearing the twists but all signs point to a beautiful twist-out.

Twists with Curls Stretching Cream

My overall impression is a good one. I would definitely purchase the Moisturizing Lotion, Defining Gel and Stretching Cream.

I give the whole line 4 of 5 Knaps. I deduct one Knap for cost (because I'm cheap).
The products are on sale until the end of the month on their website here. All products and either the Defining Gel for $51 (package pictured above) OR Stretching Cream for $52.


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