Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas- It's contest time!

We are kicking off the holiday season with a contest! 
Use all your styling technique and talent to make yourself (or your little KnapsGirl) look like our KnapsGirls. Submit a photo of the style and we will judge who looks most like our little logos and award a tote bag filled with products from the Design Essentials Naturals line. The tote contains:Natural Curl Cleanser, Natural Moisturizing Conditioner, Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Natural Defining Creme Gel and Natural Curl Stretching Cream  The prize package is worth over $50. :D

Here is a sample entry:
After filling out information below, Johnetta Doe sends the photo below in an attempt to look like Curly Pudding KnapsGirl.

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MrsWardy88 said...

I joined in. :) In the facebook it said that it couldnt read my i.d. I tried it again, but its not working for me. But my name is India Wardell, i have liked the page.

Knaps said...

We gotcha. ;)

Knapply natural said...

I don't see the meet to knaps box

Knapply natural said...

I found it lol

MrsWardy88 said...

When do we find out who won? Are you going to post all the pics people entered?

Knaps said...

We are posting all entries and the winner later today! :)

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