Monday, January 2, 2012

Silky Wraps Review


Girls Sleep Bonnet

Roxy at Silky Wraps was kind enough to send her product to us for review. I wore the bonnet to cover a twist-out right before the new year. I received the bonnet pictured above with a beautiful black with white polka dot  lining. Here are the products claims from the site:

Silky Wraps is a modern collection of stylish head wraps & bonnets designed to maintain healthy hair for a variety of hair textures.
Hair Wrap:
- Protects hair from moisture loss.
-Helps preserve your style as you sleep and play.
-Generously sized to cover nape and edges.
-Durable and comfortable.
-Suitable for all hair types.
You worked hard to get your style, now protect it with Silky Wraps 

This bonnet does everything it claims and in addition will looks adorable on your little KnapsGirl with the optional ribbon closure.

After two days of wear, My twist-out was preserved without being "squished", It has a more substantial feel than other beauty supply satin bonnets I've owned. I assume the heavier feel will translate to better life in the washer. There are more sedate designs for ladies but I was happy with the rainbow butterflies. :) Roxy also makes wraps for relaxed hair. The wraps cost $19.95 each, that being said and regular readers knowing how cheap thrifty I am, I have found that in this area, it is good to make an investment. I have bought countless beauty supply satin bonnets and long rectangular scarves and they have added up to more than $20 before the year was over (they only seem to make it few months in the washer). I purchased a similar product( at the same price) and never looked back. The only drawback I did find was that the rippled bonnets edge may leave an impression on the forehead. Silky Wraps informes me that it is available with a flat edge. When you decide, in my humble opinion, think carefully about how active your little one is while asleep.

Classic Diva Wrap - review here

I give Silky Wraps 5 of 5 Knaps 
because of:
-the beautiful colors ( appealing to girls)
-good quality (kids do put things through a test)
-competitive pricing with similar quality items

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MrsWardy88 said...

Sweet! My daughter is one, and the back of her head to the nap of her neck is the worst part of her head. I'm assuming its because of the pillows, and seats she lies up against. I tried to wrap her head with my bonnet but she wasnt having it. I may try this though.

Crystal Manes said...

I am tossed between this wrap and the Kiddiewrap for my daughter's head. I just think these wraps look a little babyish, and my daughter is 10 years old. I know she would not want to wear this. Have you had an opportunity to check out Kiddiewraps to compare? Or have any reviews on it?

Unknown said...

@ Crystal Manes

I haven't tried a kiddie wrap but I will investigate.

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