Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is natural hair?

I am recently confronted by new naturals who have abandoned chemicals in disgust but have no research into the alternatives. If one just stops processing their hair they will surely have problems.

-two textures
-new texture=new products, new styling tools and a new mentality
-social pressure
-general misinformation

My partner wears her natural hair in a "press-n-curl". You would think that that wouldn't be such a leap but even she did research, tapped me as a resource and has embraced a different mentality about her hair.

I cannot imagine embarking on a natural journey blind. I am shocked by how many naturals seem to have done so only to relapse, educate themselves and return. I hovered on the edge of my Knaps for two years. I lurked on hair boards, forums and finally my beloved Youtube. When I finally decided to do the do I was sure, secure, resolute and most of all well-informed. I still learn new things about my quaf daily but I never damaged my hair or my self image through my own ignorance.

This fine lady on YouTube gave me permission to share her vid as an example.

Everyone in this picture has natural hair!


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