Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Natural Fascinator

Over the holiday I visited Target and saw a small round black hat with a short net veil. It was a fascinator, small decorative hat. I thought it would be the perfect NYE accessory. I wouldn't have to do an elaborate style because my jazzy little hat would dress up my puff. This would also be true for ladies who recently BD'ed to dress up a TWA. Like below:

Click the pic above to visit TargetQueen's blog and purchase this hat.

Also etsy has a store with a whole selection of fascinator hats: Hats by Cressida

I thought this might be nice for those who aren't super stylist or just want to try something different. :)


Divalocity said...

I love these! I'm doing a little research on hats for a new blog post and I'm going to include scarves, turbans and geles or anything women want to wear on their head. There's nothing more beautiful than a woman rocking a fly pastel suit with a beautiful hat or a TWA.
Très elegant!

Leigh said...

These look so cute they just to personally look good on me. They are a great accent to any hair type!

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