Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Being Natural Easy?

A vlogger on YouTube asked for responses to the question "Is being natural easy?". Here is my response. For those not as enchanted with YouTube as I am here is a summary:

I believe that natural haircare is as easy as relaxed hair care. I think the reason many newly natural women find themselves frustrated is because they have unrealistic expectation of their hair.

Women who are relaxed and visit the salon regularly do very little to their own hair and know little about it. These women, in my opinion, should keep this same plan when they go natural. They should visit a natural salon regularly and let the natural stylist maintain their hair just as they did when they were relaxed. Women who do all of their own hair care should continue to do all of their own hair care. Women who are moderates, care for their hair but visit a professional regularly for maintenance, should also continue. This is very seldom what happens.

A woman decides to return to her natural hair texture and regardless of whether she was a salon regular, moderate or do-it-herself-er she decides she can do it all. I understand this coming from the latter two groups as they have cared for their hair in the past. These ladies have a very moderate learning curve. It is the salon regulars that seem to have the most difficult struggle. They have no frame of reference for their hair. They come on YouTube and lament that other are more adept stylists then they are immediately after their TWAs grow out. They wore a wrap between salon visits but don't think they should wear a wash-n-go. Ladies, please realize if you never cared for or styled your hair before it's going to take a while for you to learn. Many women who were not salon regulars they are "ahead" of you because they cared for and styled their hair prior to their natural journey. Natural hair, in my opinion, is not any less maintenance than relaxed hair.(I'm a do-it-herself-er.)

Natural hair does not maintain itself.

Natural hair doesn't style itself.


Tiffany said...

I really liked that post, I never thought of it like that. I agree that natural hair is just as easy to manage once you find your nitch. It took me 3 months, 78 products and 965 youtube videos to find my routine (:
check out my blog sometime, its still pretty new but it's gots potential. I plan to discuss being a curly and being crafty...

Anonymous said...

well said, i completely agree

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