Saturday, September 25, 2010

Product Review - LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner

LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner
Size- 3.3 ounces
Scent: Henna
(also available in 16.9 and 8.4 ounces)

Coolaulin conditioner has a load of coconut milk and fresh coconut flesh to make dry, curly and processed hair soft and shiny. Exotic, Eastern essential oils of vetivert and benzoin gum calm irritated scalps. Hair will be instantly moisturized and be easier to tame.

I got this product at a product swap. The original owner seemed underwhelmed, so I had low expectations. It was in my shower in a pinch so I decide to try it for a co-wash. I was surprised to find it left my hair soft, squeaky clean but not feeling stripped.

The smell is another story. If you want your product to smell like a dream this isn't for you. The smell of henna has been compared to fresh, strong hay and this stuff smells like henna.

I give it three out of five Knaps because the scent may put some off and the high price tag.

The product is available at The LUSH store or LUSH online.


~L said...

My sister likes Lush products. She gave me some as a gift, and they worked well for me. I never repurchased because they are a bit pricey.

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