Friday, October 22, 2010

Product Review - Mora I Naturals Gardenia Cupuacu Body Frosting

Gardenia Cupuacu Body Frosting
Price-$10.00 (w/o shipping)
Size- 5.0 ounces
Scent: Floral (Gardenia)

This luxurious butter will melt into your hair and skin, leaving it soft and supple.

This stuff is rich in all the right ways. It is filled with fantastic butters (shea, cupuacu, mango, cocoa and tacuma) and oils ( almond, coconut and olive). I used it immediately after showering all over. I felt like as soft as a newborns all day!

The scent is floral but not strong or too sweet and blends well with the natural smells of the butters without covering them. After a short time, the scent fades to a light and pleasant smell.

I haven't used it on my hair yet but if my skins reaction is any indication. I may use it tonight after my wash. ;)

The product is available at the Mora I Naturals store on etsy, through their FaceBook page, you can also follow their blog here.


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