Sunday, June 17, 2012

Help a natural in need

Our reader Harriot writes:

I'm new to the haircare scene.  I've been trying to find how to make 2kurly4u's (YouTube) shampoo and the aloe gro solution. The videos are removed.  Can you help me out?  I hear its good for thinning hair.  Mine is in some serious need.

I'm trying the Jamaican Black Castor oil right now.  It seems a little heavy but I'm continuing with it.  This summer when I'm off work I'll try the baggie method to increase moisturization.  Yes, I sure would like for you to post an inquiry for the 2kurly4u's shampoo and the aloe gro treatment.  I tried emailing her but I didn't get a response.

If anyone has the recipe or can contact 2kurly4u please help Harriot out. :)

All other advice is also eagerly accepted below.


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