Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip product review

I recieved this product from Napptural Roots magazine to review. I like it very much. It is a flexible loop with a decorative broach in the center and an attached stick for a closure. I find these worked really well to hold the top portion of twists and twist-outs up. I suspect the FlexiClip would work well on locks too.

The thing I found most exciting is the range of sizes. The FlexiClip goes up in size from Mini to Extra Large and Mega. Many naturals struggle with finding hair accessories that can accommodate the bulk of our hair. Medium could not take my entire head of hair but I think extra large.

I found most designs were sedate enough for daily wear or the workplace. The product range in price from $10 to $26 depending on size and design. The clips appear and feel very well constructed. I think the moderately priced one are a good value.


Clipartistry said...

The Flexi clips works great on all types of hair including locs. You can go to to view sizing and style videos and also the consultant Facebook page for more style ideas and product information. Also, did you know that the Flexi is not only for hair styles? They make great scarf pins too

Sharon said...

Attractive and functional. I'd like one.

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