Saturday, May 4, 2013

World Natural Hair Show 2013-Spring

Wow! I missed a whole year of the World Natural Hair Show (WNHS) being a new mom. I remedied that this year by packing up my lil Knapsgirl and being a road (weekend) warrior. I arrived Friday evening and was on the scene Saturday morning at 10 AM.
First Impressions
The space and flow were far less congested then in past years. People could easily navigate without walking on top of one another. Strollers were able to move freely through the wide aisles. Unfortunately, I think all of this free space came from the lack of small independent vendors of hair products and accessories.

Notably Present:
Oyin Handmade
Karen's Body Beautiful
Design Essentials
Jordan's Treasure

Notably Absent:
Miss Jessies
Darcy's Botanicals
Sarenzo Beads
Tomoko's Twists
Uncle Funky's Daughter

It seems to have become a venue for larger companies. This isn't a bad thing just different from the past. every large company that has Johnny-come-lately jumped on the natural hair product bandwagon was well represented with ample booth space. While smaller companies had standard booth space and poor access to wifi for credit card transactions. I enjoyed myself because I love the energy, people and show prices on retail products.

Notable Goodies I Got:
3 Sister of Nature Curly Gel-O
3 Sister of Nature Sweet Bounce Back
3 Sister of Nature Curly Whip Pudding
Pursuit of Cleanliness Lemongrass Liquid soap
Spices for Life Natural Seasoned Salt
BelNuovo CoCo Castor Pudding & CoCo Castor Nectar (spritz)


There were small independent companies represented just not as many as in past years. I think the WNHS has turned a corner commercially. This can be nothing but positive for the events organizers however, it makes me nostalgic for the start-up grassroots of the past. Feel free to share your opinions impressions.


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