Friday, March 21, 2014

EcoCo...We love them & they love us

In the past I have always endorsed the use of economic products. I want people to have positive experiences with their hair and cost is a concern. I wrote in the past about my ( and many others) love for V05. I questioned whether or not V05 valued our business.

I believe that EcoCo does value the business of its natural haired consumers.Their motto: Ecoco, Inc. is a global innovator in beauty products. We offer a truly multicultural approach to the science of hair care. Initially. many praised EcoStyler Gel but wished it was more moisturizing, many bloggers and vloggers suggested adding oils. EcoCo responded by introducing a line of gels with added olive oil and argan oil. The natural hair world rejoiced. Then those with still dry hair lamented that it was not a pudding. Many make your EcoStyler gel into a custard blogs and vlogs followed. EcoCo responded by creating a line of custards based on their oil infused gels.

This smells great too.

I think this is a clear indicator that EcoCo values and responds to what they see as their core consumers, us. This brand is widely available at most drug and grocery stores and is economically priced. It is a winner on many fronts.


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