Friday, November 21, 2008

Need tips?

Welcome to Knaps!!

This is the first blog so feel free to respond with ideas for the future.
If you ask me to review a product I will because that an excuse for me to buy it.
I will do my best to answer any questions and if I can't I'll try to find someone who can.

The Transitioners Tip Sheet:

During my transition I combed the web and got a lot of great information from forums, blogs and YouTube but I wanted a transitioning cheat sheet. I wanted all the information without all the searching. I wanted an informative durable list of Knappy basics. There was no such thing, so I created one. It has answers to the FAQs of transitioning and products and ingredients to avoid, as well as, those that are beneficial. I hope this helps people :) I want everyone to have a smooth transition.

Respond if you are interested

Stuff people Want to Know:

How long have you been natural?
About a 18 months (I never did a big chop)

What makes you qualified?
I'll experiment on my own head for your benefit and do the research for you :)

Are you one of these all natural crunchy Africa types?
No, I like natural products cuz they work, if it is "un"natural and it works that's cool too.

What makes your blog different/better?
My partner! She wears her hair straight all the time. We can offer both perspectives. Plus, the Knaps Girls are so cute!


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