Friday, December 19, 2008

Denman Devotee or Denman Detracter?

I like many naturals have a Denman brush, I also have a shower brush. I recently saw a vlog where someone was experiencing significant hair loss from using the Denman brush. After some thought, I realized I had heard and read similar stories on hair boards and forums. I use my Denman after detangling in the shower with my shower brush so I haven' t had any problems. In the interest of fairness though, all hair is different and I wanted to let new ( and experienced) naturals know that the Denman brush is not a one-size-fits-all miracle tool.

Please voice your opinion. :)


Kinky Rhonnie said...

Hi, I love my denman brush and my Beadhead with ions denman-like brush even more. Like you, I use my denman post poo/condition/detangling and have no problems at all. It is excellent for getting through the small tangles on the ends if I'm putting my hair in both large and small twists. I couldn't imagine pulling in straight through my hair in large sections though. Maybe that's what others are doing? Rhonda

Anonymous said...

im not realy sure wat a denman brush helps u wit but
wat makes it so special?
like can other brushes work as well?

and i have 4b type hair so would it still work for me?

Unknown said...

There are several different "sizes" of denman brushes and Denman knock-offs. People that love the Denman say that it detanlges and gathers loose hair while causing hair to gather in attractive clumps of curls.Those who do no like the Denman say it pulls the hair and does nothing special. In my opinion you must purchase the CORRECT Denman Brush ( or knock-off) there are brushed with big spaces between the bristles (D14) and there are ones with smaller close together bristles (D4). I believe those that do ot endorse the Denman are using a D4 brush to detangle when it is more for styling. Hope this helps. :)

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