Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm not dead...

Is Monica Dead? She hasn't made a youtube vid in a while. She hasn't posted to the Knaps blog.


Monica has been hard at work!

1) made a fresh batch of shampoo,
2)scented my own shea butter
3) made and used homemade flax seed gel
4) Opened a store selling Knaps items

The shampoo is old news and all the info is in a previous blog. :) I scented my shea butter vanilla!! A tutorial vid is here: Scenting Shea Butter

I made Flax Seed gel! I checked other blogs and forums and came up with this recipe:

1 c water
3 tblsp flax seeds (whole)
1 tsp shea butter
1/3 tsp coconut oil
scented oil of your choice

Boil the flax seeds while whisking for 10 minutes. Strain seeds from gel. Whisk in oils while gel is warm. Let gel cool and thicken.

This makes just a few ounces which I though was perfect for a sample size. You can add citric acid as a preservative or it must be refrigerated.

**pictures coming soon**

An finally and most important we opened a store!!! If you like the Knaps girls you will love the items. I am also open to any suggestions on items. :D

Visit us!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the tshirts and you know I'm ordering a few.

Naturally Sophia said...

Ok, I am in love with your blog, your shirts, your ability to make products and you in general. I will be ordering a shirt soon if I can in these tough economic times :)

Laquita said...

Congrats! Your store is great. Similar to Naturally Sophia I plan to be on a better economic path after I refinance and tax season so I will also be ordering. I've already picked out my favorites 1)Free your mind 2)I love my hair and 3)Product Junkie.

I put a link to the store in my Naptural Links and I'll be sure to give the store a mention in my next blog about products.

Congrats again :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your enthusiasm! I was surprised that others liked the shirts as much as us. :)

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