Friday, April 10, 2009

I tried to help...can you add anything?

I received this message:

FACTS..... :)
i have relaxed hair.

It is shedding really bad.
I had to cut about two inches off so now it is shoulder length.
Im in the process of using aphogee treatment.
but i really want to grow my new grow out so i can go natural.
grow new grow out So it will be long enough to at least braid to the scap.

Im VERY SCARED OF THE BEGINNING PROCESS! :( so i need some tips.


If i get a sew in and left just a little natural new grow out at the top and flat iron it would i get the same natural result? Or would this damage the hair?
PLEASE RESPOND.... im tired of

I replied:

If you use heat a lot it will change your curl pattern. If you are worried about how your hair will look while you transition try kinky twists, cornrows or braids that way you don't have to use heat to straighten your hair to "match". You can also choose weave that is not bone straight that way if your new growth shows you won't feel the need to press/flat iron it.

I never did a Big Chop so you can grow it out without cutting it all off. I was afraid too, I just stopped wearing straight, straight styles ( I wore twist-outs, braid-outs and got my hair braided) and before I knew it I wanted to cut off those straight ends because they didn't match and weren't doing what the rest of my hair was doing.

The scariest thing is letting go of the idea that smooth, straight, silky hair is better than healthy, kinky, curly, wavy hair. Take good care of your hair, do your homework on products and it will grow so quickly you'll be amazed. :D

She replied:

my natural hair is too long for the kinky twists(but its in very bad shape) i think ill try the braids....
I looked into what others are using. Some people make their own products. If you dont mind me asking what type of products do you use for your hair?

I replied:

How can your natural hair be too long for kinky twists, they are basically done in the same fashion as individual braids?

I use Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream for moisture, I seal it in with unrefined shea butter. I co-wash with whatever I have( 2 cheap 2 buy conditioner when I still have plenty :D) and if I'm worried about the quality of the conditioner I add olive oil, coconut oil or both. I shampoo using a shampoo i make from Dr Bronners Castille soap and olive and coconut oils.

I use gel sometimes just to smooth my puffs. I really highly recommend Qhemet for the health of your hair, Komaza Care is also good.

LadykpNYC did a video called before you trash it about salvaging products so you don't go broke.

2kurly4u did a video on how to make the castille soap shampoo.

Is any of this helping :)

She answered:

yeah thanks! :)


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