Tuesday, April 7, 2009

World Natural Hair Show - Atlanta

I was there!

The show was wonderful. Everything was beautiful and organized and the overall vibe was completely positive. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

High Points:
- meeting Naturally Sophia
- having my t-shirt recognized -Shea Butter is my friend!
- being recognized from YouTube
"You look so familiar do I know you from somewhere?", "YouTube?", "That's it, I'm on
YouTube all the time!"
- the suggestion that I should be a vendor
-Meri's All Natural Vegan Desserts-They were super moist,delicious, dairy and egg free!
-Kishya Essentials wonderful, high quality, beautifully scented products for hair and body.
**The owner is as beautiful and genuine as her products.**
- The opportunity to have a custom hair piece/wig created for you on site.
- finding most of the natural stylist in metro Atlanta in one trip
- having my hair complimented every 1000 feet

Low Points(not really):
-Qhemet Biologics didn't come.
-I went on Sunday and may have missed things available on Saturday.
-So many beautiful heads of locs they made me doubt my loose hair.

I don't want to sound conceited but I looked really good (hair and all) but, being a naturally humble person I could not figure out why people kept asking if I used the products at each table I browsed. My friend finally said, "They are asking because they like your hair!".

I bought two Erama's Hair ties, a delicious smelling pomade called Fruitilicious from Kishya Essentials, some shea butter and I fully intend to get at Kimberly ( Meri's All Natural) before the end of the week as she is on my side of town.

I'll do a full review of the pomade soon and next year look for the Knaps booth!


Laquita said...

Wow - I've been checking out people's pictures online - sounds and looks like a wonderful time :o)

Unknown said...

It was and I'm a punk for forgetting my camera.

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