Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Puff finally went 'poof'!

Many of you may not know the stuggles I've had trying to get a puff after transitioning, but there have been many.

My hair is naturally thin and my curl pattern is not very tight.

The way I finally achieved this look was.... a rollerset! I've been rollersetting every week for the past two months and last week realized toward the end-of-life of the style a puff was born!

Only styling products used: lil better butter and clear eco-styler gel.

I'm so happy!!! :)


Lowbudget said...

I love this style on you. Looks great! In a few weeks I will be headed for big chop number 3. That is right. I am donating my hair for the third time. I am excited because I hope that I will be able to rock a short style with style.

Knaps said...

Wow! What a GREAT reason to chop! :) Come back and show pics and we will blog you up!

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