Sunday, November 15, 2009

If I had hair like yours...

I'm sure this topics has been discussed ad nauseaum but I had a recent occurrence. I would characterize my co-workers as open-minded. No one has made any comment about my hair other than to compliment it. They are the backhanded variety like: "Oh, you can do that cause you have that good grade of hair." or " That is cute on you but I couldn't do that with this( fill in the blank with negative adjective) mess". I just accept the compliments and move on

This past week someone came to work in a hat, a knit hat, a snug knit hat, a snug knit hat with a pom-pom on top! Needless to say, jokes ensued. She explained she was having a bad hair day. We suggested she just slick it back (as her hair is short). She said, "My hair is thick. I can't just slick it back between perms." We all sort of nodded because you can't tell a woman about her own hair. She then reached out and playfully ran her fingers though my twists and said, " If I had hair like this I could probably slick it back." I found the whole exchange sad. She's at work looking borderline unprofessional because she believes that straight hair is her only alternative. I thought to myself,you do have hair like mine you're hiding it under that goofy hat!


Gigi said...

That is sad, and I've heard the same comments. Thes women dont even know what kind of hair they have. smh

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