Thursday, November 19, 2009

Train your hair or your pet?

I was recently reminded( by a YT video by LexiWithTheCurls) of a unique term/phenomena in the AA hair community: training. I have an associate who wears her hair pressed. She mentioned matter-of-factly that she didn't have to worry much about her thrice weekly workouts because her hair was trained. If you are unaware training is a form of permanent heat damage. People who press or blow their hair out do not mind this. It is a form of physical ( as opposed to chemical) relaxer. There is no problem if you want to wear your hair straight. The problem is when a natural woman goes to a stylist who assumes that anyone with any texture to their hair wants it to be trained.

Beware ladies! Stylist who talk about training your hair will probably give you and extremely hard press/ flat iron that will prevent your hair from reverting. I have had my hair straightened rollerbrush Dominican style. I find this less damaging and have had no problems with heat damage. I'm sure a knowledgeable stylist can do a good job with any method. The problem is most stylist knowledge is limited to how to make and keep hair straight, train it. I train my pets not my hair. How about you?

Russell gets trained not my .


Kicukalah said...
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Kicukalah said...

I have used this term as well for my hair when it was relaxed in terms of "training" my hair to wrap smoothly around my head. It got to the point that I could wrap my bra strap length hair without the use of hair pins and it would stay put for the most part. Never heard of it with loose natural hair wearers training their hair to remain straight. Now as a loc rocker, I have no interest in making my hair lay or be a certain way.

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