Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beautiful Head of Hair on TV

I was watching Royal Pains this weekend as was struck by a beautiful head of hair. The glorious halo was a fluffy twist-out atop the head of child actor, Skia Jackson. The episode is titled "Big Whoop".

I loved that both her pretend mother and older sister wore straight styles and she did not. I assume a person of color was involved in the casting because it seems when they are not the family is too "match-y, match-y", loc'ed mom, dad and child. We all know that that happens about as often as a white family all being blond because they ALL bleach.

I googled the adorable Ms. Jackson and found her head shot featured the same glorious coif with the addition of an adorable headband.


DCN said...

She is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.

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