Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My hair pet peeves

My hair pet peeves are a combination of annoying trends, myths and just things that bother me.

The obsession with length.
I preface this by saying that I have always had length, however, I think people take things to the extreme. I am short. I have accepted this fact, I do not go around in stilts daily, nor have I unhealthily or unnaturally attached devices to my legs to make myself appear taller. When I have short children, I won't teach them to hate their shortness or put kiddie stilts on them. I don't mind people who wear tall heels or boots but stilettos aren't for children. Would you teach your child to dislike any of their other god-given attributes? Will they tease children without stilettos at school?

Extreme weave hair color
There is a time and a place for everything. When your server has rainbow spikes as she brings your IHOP to the table, are you not convinced that work isn't the place for rainbow hair. Color is fine but unless there is theater involved there is a limit, c'mon son!

Willful Ignorance
Willful is the operative word in that statement. Ignorance is not a crime. We are all ignorant of something right now. If all your natural children have hair for days, your sister has stopped relaxing and grown a healthy halo and you continue to relax thin, dry, broken, damaged, edgeless hair and try to give them tips. If you insist that because their hair is not straight it doesn't look as good as yours. You are willfully ignorant. When all the facts point right and you scream left, you are willfully ignorant. How will you hair compare when your bald?

My hair making statements my mouth doesn't.
I have decided not to relax my hair. I did not start a revolution, nor do I plan to. I am not naive. I realize that assumptions will be made based on my appearance, but WOW could you speak to me first. I eat meat, wear artificial fibers, like people of all colors and think anyone with healthy hair looks good.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! This blog has made my night.... I find all of these things equally annoying and, often, people try to make me feel as if it is just me.

The latest--- my natural hair means everything else EXCEPT that I was tired of relaxing my hair and that I actually enjoy the texture of my natural hair.

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