Monday, February 28, 2011

Sof N Free Gro Healthy - Review

I washed my hair with Organix Tea Tree and Mint Hydrating shampoo and conditioned with LUSH Coolauin and Suave Almond & Shea butter conditioners. The shampoo left my hair almost squeaky clean but the conditioners corrected that. I started with the:
Really Deep Conditioning Treatment ($1.99). I sectioned my hair into fourths and applied the entire pouch as directed. I made 4 large two strand twists and covered with a plastic cap, satin cap and towel. (I don't own a hair dryer.) This product contains menthol and you can FEEL it. I found the sensation pleasant to slightly over stimulating. Those with sensitive scalps may not like this feeling. I left it on for 30 minutes and then rinsed. It left my hair soft and moisturized. Overall it lives up to its claims just beware the menthol.

Next I applied the Leave -In Treatment ($5.99) to wet hair as directed. It provided NO slip. It wasn't drying but didn't feel like it added moisture. It claims to soften for easy combing but not in my case. I detangled in the shower, I conditioned in large twists and returned to large twists after rinsing. When I added the Leave-In Treatment and began brushing with my Denman, I felt no real added slip. This spray does contain lots of glycerin for those whose hair like glycerin, mine doesn't. I don't think it lived up to it claim.

Finally I began twisting with the Strengthening Creme ($5.99). It is smooth, creamy, lightly fruit scented. This product contains mineral oil. I used it as I usually use Lil Better Butter. My hair felt like it had external moisture but not internal moisture. After two sections of twisting, I was spraying Leave-In treatment to rewet to no avail so I applied the:

Daily Growth Lotion. ($5.99) The lotion has a fresh fruity light scent and a lotion-like consistency. My hair felt moisturized and used with the Strengthening Creme my twists looked and felt moisturized. Hindsight being 20/20, I would recommend using the Growth Lotion before the Strengthening Creme. Combined, I think the last two products deliver on their respective claims to reduce breakage and moisturize.

I haven't used the Three Layer Growth Oil yet.

I think these products are worth a try. They are reasonably priced and pretty widely available. They are not the best I've used but they have potential depending on you and your hair. I'd suggest trying samples for yourself.


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