Monday, June 13, 2011

Does V05 love us back?

I was pondering my ( and many other naturals ) love for the V05 line of conditioners. They have many positive points:
-variety of scents
-add sufficient slip for detangling
-easily found in a variety of stores
-great base if you want to add your own ingredients

BUT at this point should the Alberto-Culver company be marketing to us. I know of countless articles, blog post and YT videos that sing its praises. I visited their website here and not only did not see any women of color but also no hair of texture.

This is the only model featured on the site.

I guess I'm thing how even some of the larger companies have tried lame and unconvincing marketing ploy to attract women with natural hair.



I may be over thinking this but I just thought I'd share.

What are your thoughts?


LaNeshe said...

Perhaps since they get so much free advertising through the blogs in the natural hair community, they don't feel they need to spend money to target us?

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