Saturday, June 11, 2011

Really Black Men? You don't like Natural Hair or Lace Fronts what do you like!!??

I agree with some of the points in this video but WHY did she have to start by "classically" letting everyone know that although she wears weaves and lace fronts she REALLY does have hair.

In my opinion, it detracts from her credibility. You are questioning why black men are so worried about your hair but you use a full two minutes to let strangers know that you have long hair under your wig. That is why men care, they were raised by women like you.

What do you think ladies?


Editor said...

I just want her to stop playing with her half hair.

Tiffany said...

I don't know how u managed to finish this whole video? I'm 3 mins in and I want to pluck her.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. In kind words, you have some concerns (issues) that go beyond others perception of hair. I believe you have the issues. You can't stop playing with the wig/weave, you have to fidget with your bra strap/shoulder. These things suggests you have some insecurities with who you are without the skin showing, the long hair, etc. Just food for thought. Would you be completely comfortable and secure with you without the hair and the sexy clothes?

Nicole said...

hmmmmmmmm lace fronts

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