Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's Hair - "Cinna-bun"

This style was taken from the YouTube natural below and I think it turned out fabulous! Got lots of compliments on it at work!

I realized Monica also did a version of the Cinna-bun in December.

Style: The Cinna-bun

Time to Complete: 15 mins

Products Used: Water/v05 conditioner mix, EcoStyler Gel, One N Only Argan Oil(small amount)

Tools Used: Brush, Skinny Wrap(to tie hair back), Scarf, bobby pins

Reason for style: I had done a dry twist out the night before and my hair looked crazy in the morning.

Lessons Learned: Kept my ends SUPER moisturized, fast to complete than I thought, great go-to style on 'bad hair' days.


Unknown said...

OMG! I have got to steal this style for myself....It looks so easy. It is funny how I can style other peoples hair but I can not style my own lol

Knaps said...

LOL @ KeeKee

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