Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brazilian Keratin Treatments

I have been reading up on Brazilian Keratin treatments. I was intrigued because an acquaintance of my sister is struggling with her transition and uses this as a crutch.

This treatment is:

-long lasting (compared to traditional relaxers)
-does not guarantee straight hair (smooth relaxed curls)
-just as damaging as traditional relaxers (meaning some have good results and some have bad)
-not regulated by FDA (dangerous as far as shelf life and formula strength)
-contains formaldehyde or a chemical cousin (dangerous when inhaled)
-hair cannot be washed for 3-4 days after treatment
-hair cannot be worn up for 3-4 after treatment
-hair cannot be washed with shampoo containing NaCl

In my opinion, this treatment seems like another version of chemical relaxing not an alternative. I have no personal experience with it because the threads I read were like flashbacks to my relaxing days. The people that endorse it say that their hair is shiny, conditioned and easily blown straight without frizz.

I encourage you to do your own research before believing in the new "miracle straightener".


nappy headed black girl said...

OK, I'm thoroughly confused.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a chemical process, right? How is your friend transitioning to natural with chemicals?

Monica said...

Yes, I assume that people "transition" with it the same way they believe that a texturizer is going natural. They mistakenly believe that because the hair is not completely straight it is somehow natural.

Anonymous said...

Well, the BKT is not permanent (it wears off over time) and allows for the return of the natural curly or kinky texture. Hence, it is not akin to a relaxer or texturizer which is permanent.

BKT is similar to a semi-permanent hair color.
Texturizer or Relaxer is similar to permanent hair color.

You don't have to "transition" out of a BKT. However, it is a chemical. It coats the hair rather than altering the structure. Caution should be used when applying.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought it was a deep conditioner that literally wears away in 10 to 12 weeks? I was told that my curls would return?

Anonymous said...
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