Friday, July 16, 2010

Curls are a worst?

I was stumbling through some beauty blogs and found that curls were a worst for 2009 according to The Best and Worst Trends of 2009 on the blog Real Beauty-powered by you.

We love a soft wave or even a more tightly wound tendril, but the length coupled with the crazy curliness of this look seems a tad overdone. Is it us, or did her stylist take a cue from Will Ferrell's '07 Oscar look? Heck, with a body like Karina Smirnoff's from all that dancing, who cares what her hair looks like!

Oh! If she had soft waves or looser curls this would be an acceptable style. I assume from the commentary that this woman's hair does not curl naturally, the implication being who would want tight curls they are ugly. I do not think this is one for the styling hall of fame but far from worst.

To place this in persective the picture below was a best for bangs:

I disagree again these are not the best bangs Ive seen either.


Leigh said...

i LOVE the curls in the first pic! What beef could that have with them? They look sooOoO soft and bouncy. I wish I could do that to my hair

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