Thursday, September 26, 2013

Downing the Denman

I just read a blog over on Curly Nikki's site about the Denman brush and I though it was a little misleading. A Denman brush is a tool and like all tools will not work for everyone in the same way or at all. I am not a person who swears by the Denman but I think it lives up to its claims.

In my humble opinion, the Denman brush has suffered the same fate as other instant/magical/super fixer natural hair products, it wasn't instant, super or magical.

According to the manufacturer, the brush is, "effective for giving greater control over styling the hair" it is not and was not designed for detangling. Denman actually carries a detangling brush called the Tangle Tamer.

I have always been advised by seasoned naturals to expect only curl definition from a denman brush following detangling. I CANNOT detangle with this brush regardless of the amount of water or conditioner. 

Yes, using a knock-off version is great because they are cheaper and why pay $9-12 dollars for something you don't know if you are going to like. I bought the real deal because I was newly natural and all gung-ho.

Talk to someone who has successfully used one before or for instruction. My brush sat in a drawer for a year before someone taught me how to use it correctly. It was an eye-opening experience. 

Use product with your brush. It's a brush not magic! If you want curl definition use the brush and a curl definition product. As for complaints of fuzzy roots, I cannot comment on how individuals style their hair but when I could only get curly ends I wore a curly puff or up-do until I figured out what to do to change it.

Finally, removing bristles from the brush to make it a utilitarian item as opposed to an monument to the money you spent being newly natural is completely understandable but if you just like fewer bristles when detangling Denman actually makes a brush with spaced out bristles. It is NOT designed for detangling either it is a volumizing brush.

Just to summarize, A Denman brush is:

  • not designed for detangling
  • expensive, try a knock-off
  • give curl definition, definition (God gives curls, products and tools define them.)
  • not magic


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