Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today's Hair- Fall Protective Style

 Style: Fall Protective Style (updo)

Time to Complete: 20-25 mins (on dry stretched hair)

Products Used: Water, Sof'nFree Nothing But Curl Sealer, Qhemet Biologics Grapeseed Oil and Tea Tree Pomade thinned with castor oil

Tools Used:  brush, rattail comb, bobby pins (lots!)

Reason for style: My continuing quest to vary from twists.

Lessons Learned: Open all products first when using oils and pomades ( greasy hands!), Thinning a pomade with castor oil made a great smoothing pomade with the benefit of the nourishing oils

other side

back view


Yellow Rose said...

Very pretty!

Knaps said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

Nice! I love the bun in front; very classic. How did you do that? As much as I want to style my hair like that, it's so thin and I'm afraid I can't pull it off like that. I guess I have to wait for it to grow thicker before I could style it however I want. Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center

wigs UK said...

Beautiful! I’m going to wear the first updo tomorrow at a holiday party. Thanks for posting!

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