Saturday, September 28, 2013

Product Review - BelNouvo CoCo Castor Pudding

BelNouvo Coco Castor Pudding
Product Description: The perfect synergy of a styling aid and moisturizer!
Size: 8oz
Price: $10
Scent: Coconut

I have used this moisturizing pudding as directed on wet hair and in several other ways. Following the manufacturers instructions I used it to make two strand twists. I am experienced in making twists so I feel safe in saying this product is EXCELLENT for two strand twists as well as the resulting twist-out. My hair (once dry) was shiny, moisturized and felt just luscious! I wasn't impressed by the hold but them I took down the twists. The twist out was gorgeous! It was just as shiny and moist as my twists had been with fantastic definition.

 Ignore the caught talking face and check out the moist shiny twists.

I'm not a wash-n-go girl at all but I will occasionally wear a loose wash-n-go section like a bang. In my less than seasoned opinion, this product has a nice soft hold and adds great shine and moisture. I think it will work on some peoples hair for wash-n-go but others may need a stronger hold.That being said, I totally love and recommend this product. I feel like the $10 for 8 ounces is a good price. It is available here on

Wash-n-Go  KnapsWash-n-Go  KnapsWash-n-Go  KnapsWash-n-Go  KnapsWash-n-Go  Knaps

This product gets five of five Knaps.


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This is a product I'd love to try.

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